Please click on the thumbnail image for a full size view of each piece. All designs are original.
All work is custom framed and ready to hang unless otherwise noted.

Inspired Spring Reflection In Anticipation of the First
On The Town Magnetic 741 Winter
Bubbles Awareness, No.1 Twilight Dawn
Golden Opportunity Sunrise Over Cape May Winter Blanket Euthalia
Gratitude Blue Bird Suspended Submersion Vase With Flowers
Blue Elephant Round 2 @ !
Vivid Concentric Concentric Pinwheel Black Coffee
Love, vol.1 Heartstrings in Black Black Bird Love, Vol. 2
Pink Giraffe Love, Vol. 3 100 Times 'Round Daydream
Belle Moderne Pasta Night Blue Daydream Bolts
The Champagne and The Stars Vibrant Downpour The Beautiful Unknown Floyd Custom
NYC Skyline